Anees Maani
      "Anees illustrates, through his art, the dichotomy of the human experience of time, between repetition that can be problematic and limitless innovation that can be chaotic. In my opinion the artist has found a centre of balance between past and present, between archaism and modernism, reaching that universality worthy of being called art." Benedetta Segala, Artist and Curator, from her text in the catalog of Lines solo exhibition.  
  Recent activities:  
  Malaysia   The Big wood project:  
Big wood project
Big wood project
Big wood project
      Interview with CNN: Inside the Middle East  
  Jordan   7th International Sculpture Symposium, organnized by the National Gallery in Aqaba  
      Dolmen, Jordan sculpture symposium  
  Malaysia   Art residency and agroup exhibition in Kuala Lumpur.  
  Japan   Art residency and three group exhibitions in Fukuoka.  
  Indonesia   Art residency and a group exhibition in Bandung.  
  Malaysia   Art residency at Bakawali art and craft center.  
  Jordan   Art residency at Anees Maani's studio, Amman.  
  Jordan   Five public stone sculptures at the National Gallery's park in Amman, Jordan.  
      Five sculptures in the park..  
  Solo exhibitions:  

Fifth solo exhibition: "Lines", Kuala Lumpur, 2017.

Forth solo exhibition: "Seeds", Georgetown, Malaysia, 2016.

Third solo exhibition: "Kayu", Kuala Lumpur, 2014.

Second Solo Exhibition, Amsterdam, 2013.

First solo exhibition, Amman, 2008.