Anees Maani
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Some of Anees Maani's sculptures



"Like the best of art through the centuries -and most apparent in modern art- the viewer is given space to think and conjecture as to each piece's meaning. And Maani's work is very modern, no matter how ancient the roots of his inspiration. Though it is difficult to categorize, one is tempted to coin a title for his exhibition along the lines of historical environmentalism, reflecting the interaction between human endeavor and nature over the ages. With Maani's subtle presentation of this interplay in form and texture, each sculpture poses the question of what is nature and what is human agency, and whether the two can ultimately be separated".

Sally Bland, from an interview for the Jordan Times 2008

  Recent activities:  
  Jordan   Five public stone sculptures at the National Gallery's park in Amman, Jordan.  
  Five sculptures in the park..  
      Art residency at Anees Maani's studio, Amman.  
  Malaysia   Art residency at Bakawali art and craft center.  
  Indonesia   Art residency and a group exhibition in Bandung.  
Solo exhibitions: